How To Conserve Water At Work And Home

As we all know, water is constantly moving on earth. The hydrologic cycle (or water cycle) describes how water moves above, beneath, and below the surface of the earth. This is why the term ‘water cycle’ means there is no beginning nor end. While water can change states from liquid, vapour, or ice depending upon which part of this water cycle you’re looking at, the Earth’s water content remains constant. The only way to address the increasing water scarcity is to conserve the resources we have and to use them responsibly

Even though water appears abundant, it is vital that everyone does their part to conserve it. In addition to the obvious benefits of conserving water to lower costs for you and your business, publicized environmental concerns should give us all an incentive to conserve water. According to the BBC, people living in the richest countries use 10 times the water that those in the poorer ones. This is a serious problem for many of the world’s population. “Water-borne diseases already kill one child every eight second” [1]

Conserving Tap Water

Running taps use approximately 10 litres water per minute. Dripping taps may use up to 90 Liters of water per week.

Here are top tips to save tap water

>> Fix any dripping taps using appropriate washers and ball-valves

>> Don’t waste water on your plants. Put a bowl under your sink and use the water from your washing machine or cooled cooking water.

>> Never run tap water to make it cold. Instead, chill it in your fridge or get a specialist water cooler.

>> To prevent clothes from getting wet, put a bowl under the tap.

>> Don’t boil too much water in your kettle. This will cause you to pay more for your utilities.